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Wedding planner Adam More has an epiphany: He has devoted all his life’s energy to creating events that he and his partner Steven are forbidden by federal law for having for themselves. So Adam decides to make a change. Organizing a boycott of the wedding industry, Steven and Adam call on gay organists, hairdressers, cater-waiters, priests, and hairdressers everywhere to get out of the business and to stop going to weddings, too. In this screwball, romantic comedy, both the movement they’ve begun and their relationship are put in jeopardy when Steven’s brother proposes to Adam’s sister and they must decide whether they’re attending or sending regrets.

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"This book made me laugh and made my heart hurt, and I loved the experience of reading it." -Smart Bitches Trashy Books
"A talent to watch in the world of LGBT fiction." -Seattle Gay News
With its timely, provocative premise, fabulous characters, and a
wonderfully wry, sly narrative, THE MARRYING KIND is bound to launch
debut novelist Ken O’Neill on a stellar career path! Wendy Markham – New York Times bestselling author
“THE MARRYING KIND is that rare novel that both prods and applauds our most valuable resource: love.  Ken O’Neill makes you laugh, think, and get mad as hell—all within just a few pages. If you believe in hard-won, human romance, this is the book that levels the playing field.” Doug Crandell, author of The Flawless Skin of Ugly People and The Peculiar Boars of Malloy
Pleasurable, sophisticated, moving and thought-provoking…and on top of all that I laughed out loud throughout. Michael Tonello author of  Bringing Home the Birkin
“A boisterously funny novel that’s topical and political without ever being preachy, THE MARRYING KIND skewers both overt hypocrisy and ‘benign neglect’ with razor-sharp humor.” Rob Byrnes LAMBDA Award winning author of  When the Stars Come Out
“This is Ken O’Neill’s first novel and if this is a sign of what is to come then we have a new literary hero to welcome to the canon of LGBT literature. The novel so rises above the level of fluff that it leaves a trail behind it and I think that O’Neill must enter this for a 2012 Lambda Award.”  –Amos Lassen, reviewsbyamoslassen.com
“What an amazing and endearing book! Heartfelt and sincere.”  –Romancing the book